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Before Harlem, there was Bed-Stuy. In addition to its impressive collection of iconic brownstones, the neighborhood is known for its rich Caribbean and African-American heritage, although today’s inhabitants hail from all over the globe. Green parks, beautiful botanical gardens, chill coffee shops and an outdoor amphitheater make Bed-Stuy an exciting place to explore in the summer. And for year-round residents, the local fare is beyond compare. Whether you’re looking for a simple room or a roomy Romanesque residence, Bedford-Stuyvesant is bound to deliver.


Beyond its notorious warehouse raves and revolving door of a restaurant scene, the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn is beloved for its sensational street art and fiery Latin influences. From taco trucks and quirky cafés to bustling bars and tantalizing farm-to-table fare, the foodservice is fantastic, as are Bushwick’s bountiful gallery spaces. Residents roam the streets on their bicycles, hitting up their favorite yoga studio or the local farmer’s market. Cozy, convenient and picturesque, this urban oasis is home to some of the city’s most sought-after loft apartments.


Nestled right near the G train and some of New York’s most arresting skyline views, Greenpoint is hyped as a serene sanctuary, a reprieve from the bustling scene of Brooklyn large. Indeed, this best-kept secret is renowned for its spacious mid- and high-rise apartments, labyrinthine jogging paths, rooftop wine bars and other leisurely retreats. Eastern European influence has residents noshing on the world’s tastiest pierogies, while its not-so-secret nightlife offers everything from live jazz to heavy metal. Greenpoint may be nicknamed ‘Williamsburg 2.0’—but we’ll call it a compliment.

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