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Who We Are

10+ Years Of Experience
68% Returning Renters
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For us, home is not just a structure; it’s a dynamic and personal expression of modern living. We believe that homes are shaped by the residents, not the architects. Instead of selling you on a place, we invest in your dream. Our team of seasoned home runners is dedicated to finding your perfect match.

We have more than just real estate expertise – we have a deep knowledge of Brooklyn, our vibrant backyard. We intimately know our neighborhoods, understanding the unique characteristics of each community. Our exclusive inventory, boasting over 2,500 units citywide, creates exciting micro-communities where you’ll feel at home, even in communal areas.

At Rentopia, our approach is ownership-driven. While we may not live onsite, we live the site. We’ve created a virtual office for each building and follow a meticulous tenanting process. This unique approach has earned us the trust of both landlords and tenants. Despite managing buildings with 100+ units, our relationships remain personal and one-on-one. The result: Owners trust us, and tenants love us. Welcome to a new way of experiencing home.

Because Home
Has No Definition

We see modern living as flowing, individual thing.
In which a home is shaped by the resident, not the architect. So rather than sell you on a place, we buy into your dream. Then unleash our team of veteran homerunners to find your perfect match.

How We Discover Your Utopia

More Options

We’ll show you ‘too many’ places before you make a decision, because we want you to love it after you move in, too.

More Knowledge

Brooklyn is our backyard:
We really know our neighborhoods in and out, and understand what each community is like. We’re also really good at matching up likeminded roommates.

More Exclusive

With more exclusive inventory than anyone else – over 2,500 units citywide – we have created the most exciting micro-communities. So you would feel right at home, even in the communal areas.

Stop Looking, Start Living

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