Brooklyn truly has a lot to offer. From top-notch education, historical museums, art galleries, and fantastic restaurants to state-of-the-art hospitals and healthcare, Brooklyn has it all. We have created this guide on Brooklyn neighborhoods with the best hospitals nearby to narrow down the choice from a wide variety of Brooklyn neighborhoods. Whether you are moving on your own, or with your family, and depending on whether you need any specific service from a hospital, you need to make an informed decision about which neighborhood is the best for you.

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Fort Greene

The Fort Green neighborhood is home to The Brooklyn Hospital Centre. It is the oldest hospital in Brooklyn, and they provide outstanding service in healthcare. Choosing to live in this neighborhood is a great idea, as you can rest assured that one of the best hospitals is right nearby.

The Brooklyn Hospital Center is a teaching hospital, so you can choose to do your residency here and live in this charming, historic neighborhood.

This neighborhood is perfect for families to move here, but can also be a good choice for you if you are single as well. With a top-notch healthcare system, excellent education, and fantastic restaurants, Fort Green is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

It is located just 15 minutes from downtown Brooklyn, and it is cheaper to rent an apartment here than it is in DUMBO, for example. The median rent price for a studio is $2,215. There is also a wide variety of different apartments, from luxurious ones to brownstone apartments that even have garden units.

Sunset Park

Sunset Park is a great place to live, especially if you love the great views that it has to offer. Namely, you will be able to enjoy the views of Manhattan Skyline, but also the Statue of Liberty, Staten Islands, and much more every day and for free. This is fantastic, especially if you are into photography, as you can capture breathtaking views with your camera.

This neighborhood prides itself on some of the best restaurants and street food in Brooklyn. For example, Mexican food is highly cherished and adorned here. You will be able to enjoy the rich offer of different cuisines and try some of the best drinks in this neighborhood.

It is also home to NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn, which is a part of the NYU Langone Healthcare system. It is the stroke center and regional trauma center, as well as a bariatric center of excellence. Furthermore, it offers cardiac and orthopedics departments as well. Living in the vicinity of this hospital is highly convenient if you need its services or have someone at the hospital.

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East Flatbush

East Flatbush neighborhood is a popular choice for both families with kids and singles at the same time. You will be surprised to learn that only around 30% of residents own their property, whereas more than 60% are renting their homes here. The median rent is $1,397, which is significantly lower than the rent in other popular Brooklyn neighborhoods.

This neighborhood is home to two outstanding hospitals, the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center and SUNY Downstate Medical Center University Hospital of Brooklyn.

The Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center has surgery, gastroenterology, urgent care, critical care, cardiology, and pulmonary departments. It also has hyperbaric chambers and many more services thanks to top-notch medical equipment.

The SUNY Downstate Medical Center University Hospital of Brooklyn is rated as the number one NYC hospital, which makes East Flatbush an excellent neighborhood to live in.


If you love art, galleries, murals, and fine restaurants, then Bushwick is the right Brooklyn neighborhood for you. It is the first choice for professionals with startups, as the community is encouraging this. There are art galleries all over the neighborhood, and the streets are mostly covered in wonderful murals.

Plenty of bars and restaurants that have a lot to offer will give you an unforgettable nightlife experience and enrich your daily adventures.

But Bushwick also has an excellent education system, so it is perfect if you decide to move here with your family and rent a house or an apartment. It has over thirty excellent primary and secondary schools, both public and private, that you can choose from.

It is home to NY Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, which primary function is to educate physicians for their future jobs. So, if God forbid you ever need doctors’ help, you would be in good hands here. There are also plenty of Bushwick apartments for rent. Therefore you might consider Bushwick for your residency.

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Did you know that Bedford-Stuyvesant is home to the oldest Brooklyn park Herbert Von King Park? If you decide to move here, not only will you be in the vicinity of the NYC Health and Hospitals – Woodhull, but you will also be able to enjoy numerous parks and green spaces.

This neighborhood has plenty of museums that you can enjoy, one of them being the Bedford-Stuyvesant Museum of African Art. Apart from museums, the neighborhood boasts fantastic restaurants and bars, so you will always have a new place where you will be able to eat and relax after a hard day of work.

In this neighborhood, the Interfaith Medical Center is also located. Here you will be able to use the surgical, gynecological, dental, pediatric, psychiatric, and many other services. It is also a teaching hospital, so you might want to take it into consideration when browsing Bed-Stuy apartment rentals.

Rent an apartment that suits your needs best

Take your time when looking for Brooklyn apartments to rent. Take into account the location, your daily commute, the vicinity of hospitals, the rent, and everything else that can make your quality of life better or worse. Don`t rent an apartment just because it was the only choice. Have trust in the process and that there is an excellent apartment waiting for you. Of course, this does not imply that you should not make compromises at all. Decide what things are more important than others so that you can possibly give up on them if necessary.