Have you decided to move to Jewel city as Glendale is often called? Apart from year-round beautiful weather, Glendale has a great education system, healthcare, and transportation services which makes it one of the best cities to move to. We have created this useful guide on the easy way to rent in Glendale, as we want you to go through this process as efficiently as possible, and enjoy your new home.

Decide on the budget – and stick to it

One of the major factors you should take into consideration when renting an apartment is the budget. It will determine the location, size, and interior of your apartment. Everything becomes much easier when you write down what costs you have to pay during the month, and what remains for the rent. This will enable you to search for the apartment that will fit your needs, without having to make any other restrictions in your life.

You should also leave money for the application fee, security deposit, utilities, and rent. The security deposit is usually in the amount of one month`s rent, but it can be in the amount of two months’ rent as well, depending on the owner. Sometimes, you will need to pay the first rent and the last rent as well when you move into your apartment in Glendale.

Renting In Glendale

Start your search well in advance

The best apartments tend to go at the beginning of the month. We advise you to start researching and filling out applications some 60 days in advance. In this way, you will find out what are the prices for the apartment type you want to rent in Glendale, and how fast are they renting out. Also, after seeing numerous apartments and what they have to offer it will be much easier for you to decide what is the right apartment for you.

Look for apartments online

The easiest way to begin your search is to look at the apartments online. There are numerous websites that offer you this opportunity, such as Rentopia. Look at the images of the apartment, price, location, number of rooms, and closeness to amenities.

Think about your needs and wants

This is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration when you want to rent an apartment in Glendale. Write down what are your needs when it comes down to your dream apartment. This could be closeness to school or a job, a large kitchen if you love to cook, or the ground floor position if you don`t want to take the stairs for example.

On the other hand, your wants are something that can exist in the apartment but do not have to. For example, the open space layout of the apartment, or a terrace. What is important here is to think in advance about possible compromises you need to make depending on the features of the apartment itself. For example, can you give up a large kitchen if everything else is perfect?

Prepare the documents needed for the application

When you spot an apartment that is fulfilling all of your needs and wants, it is vital to react fast. This is why you should have the documentation ready so that you can act within minutes. Here are the documents you need to have when applying for an apartment in Glendale:

Filling An Application Form
  • Paystubs for the last three months
  • Bank statements
  • Social security card
  • Rental and employment history
  • References, as well as
  • Application form

Think about a co-signer

The first thing your potential landlord will do after receiving the application form and other documents is to check your credit score. If your credit score is not satisfactory, then the landlord will probably turn down your application. However, you can think about a co-signer. This is usually one of your parents or close friends who accept to pay the rent in case you are not able to. There is also always a possibility of finding a roommate.

Will you be moving in with the roommate?

Renting an apartment with a roommate has numerous benefits. Lower rental and utility costs and having someone to share every day are good reasons to consider finding a roommate. Perhaps this will help you find an apartment that is closer to your job, or that is larger. Of course, having a roommate comes with a certain risk, as it is important that they are responsible with money and with the property as well. You can easily find a roommate in NYC. Just grab some ads and start looking.

Hire a real estate agent

If you do not want to spend hours and hours looking for Glendale apartment rentals, you can always hire an apartment rentals NYC agency to help you find your dream apartment. It is vital that the agent is familiar with the area you wish to move to so that they can truly help you find a perfect place to live. Your real estate agent should specialize in rental properties, though, and not for sales.

Tenants With A Real Estate Agent

Visit the neighborhood in person

Glendale is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. And while we are certain that you will love living here, it is always best if you can visit the specific neighborhood in person. Photos and online searches are great, but you will only get the right vibe when you walk down the streets of your new location and decide whether you want to live there for the next few months or years.

Read the lease before signing it

Once you find the right apartment, you will have to sign a lease with the landlord. Read the lease thoroughly before signing it. You will find several different policies there, like the payment information, pet and smoking policies, ending the lease, etc. Only after you have carefully read all the terms, you can sign the lease and begin with moving preparations. Good luck!