While searching for an apartment, it might be hard for you to set your priorities straight, and proper planning and organization will save you a bunch of time and, inevitably, Money. So, before deciding on the size and location of your apartment, the first thing you need to do is conduct a budget which will give you a good idea of limitations. For some, the budget is big enough to have an easier time while looking for Brooklyn apartments. However, there are a couple of options on how to save up money and not spend half of your paycheck on rent while one of them is living with a roommate.

Since some have never lived with a roommate before, it’s natural you don’t know how to coexist with someone in the same space. So, if you want to learn about the main benefits of living with a roommate or simply have no prior experience on the subject, check out the following text below.

Roommates On A Sofa


First things first, let’s explain what a roommate means in a technical sense. By definition, a roommate is someone who literally occupies the room of your house, meaning that the main accent is on sharing. However, in today’s time, this concept has evolved and now refers to someone sharing the same apartment as you, where separate bedrooms are almost always included. Having a roommate can be a great thing and a total nightmare depending on your choice of who you want to live with. The best way to ensure that you’ll be living in a relaxed environment is to choose someone you know. Although this isn’t a general rule meaning that it won’t guarantee that you guys will get along, the chance is bigger.

However, you still look for a stranger as long as you do a quick background check (thank God for the internet) before deciding on the right person. It’s always good to have a couple of candidates. So, now that we have learned what living with a roommate means, let’s proceed to the main benefits of living with a roommate.

Saving Money

The first benefit is quite obvious and the most important one for the majority of people. By choosing to live with a roommate, you’ll save up a ton of money when it comes to rent and utilities, which can really pay off in the long run. The cheapest neighborhoods in Brooklyn for renters become even more affordable if you’re splitting rent with a roommate. In some cases, when you truly get along with your roommate, you can even share expenses when it comes to food. Besides saving up money on rent and utilities, you’ll have the perk of living in a bigger and nicer apartment.

However, make sure to set your priorities straight and have a talk with your roommate on the best way to split costs and whether or not you’ll be sharing food and cleaning product expenses. As long as you choose a trusted, clean, and reliable person, living with a roommate should be a breeze, especially when it comes to saving up money.

A Money-saving Concept


Besides the quite obvious benefit of saving up money, living with a roommate can save you a bunch of time you would be spending on cleaning the entire place. Make a deal on which days you do the dishes, vacuum, and take care of your living space. We recommend getting a calendar and writing down all the obligations you’ll be sharing. Instead of spending the entire day cleaning and getting your living space in order, the time you’ll have to put in the work can be split, ensuring a clean and comfortable space for both of you while saving up time.

Social Aspect

For those of you that aren’t dating or simply don’t have a lot of friends (which is pretty normal in today’s world since work comes first if you want to afford a decent living), living with a roommate can be a very good idea. Besides having someone to share your apartment with, you’ll also most likely make a good friend and always have someone to talk to and even have fun with on the weekends. The same goes if you want to live with a friend. Instead of taking the time on weekends to grab brunch or coffee, you can spend quality time without having to go out of the apartment. However, this can have a pretty big con if you decide on living with a friend and lead to numerous arguments, so make sure to live with someone that you get along with from the very start.

Roommates Studying Together

Lots of Fun

Those that are lucky enough to find a roommate Brooklyn and live with someone they really get along with are bound to have a lot of fun. Instead of waiting on the weekends to really enjoy your day (and night), every night has the potential to be more than epic as long as you both want to have a good time. Also, you’ll always have some sort of wingman (or wing-woman) that can truly make your days. There’s nothing worse than wanting to spend time partying or watching a movie on the weekend but not having company. So, another great perk of living with a roommate is the potential for a lot of fun.


In some cases, we really need immediate help but don’t have anyone to ask because, for instance, your friends are far away or it’s the middle of the night. By living with a roommate, you’ll always have someone to turn to, especially when you’re feeling sick or have experienced some sort of injury. The same goes for heartbreaks meaning that you’ll always have someone to turn to. Also, you can occasionally ask your roommate for a favor which will make your day way easier than it would be if you lived alone. Furthermore, in some cases, you won’t be home, and you’re waiting for the cable guy for a couple of days. In this case, you won’t need to stress too much as there will be someone in the apartment to host him.