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    Moving with a family can be overwhelming, considering finding the right neighborhood, and hunting for a suitable apartment. If you are moving to Brooklyn, looking for a safe, family-friendly neighborhood with the best schools is the most important thing you […]
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    Brooklyn, with a population of 2590000 million residents, is one of five boroughs in New York City and is located in Kings County. It`s known as the most artistic borough with more than 700 arts and cultural institutions. Besides, there […]
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    Finding a new apartment is an exciting period in life. It is a fantastic opportunity to find exactly what you need at a price that won`t break the bank. There are a lot of benefits of living in Brooklyn. So, […]
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    Did you know that Bushwick used to be the capital of beer until the 1970s? While it is no longer considered the capital of beer, it is an artistic, vibrant, and most importantly safe neighborhood. Bushwick is inviting professionals, families […]
  • The Difference Between Condos and Co-Ops
    Did you know that more than 75 million Americans live in community associations? The number of community associations has been steadily growing from somewhere between 350000 and 355000 in the past year? Two of the most common of these associations […]
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    Brooklyn, with a population of more than 2500000 residents, is one of five boroughs in NYC. Furthermore, Brooklyn is the second-most densely populated county in the entire country. Recently, the trend of moving here is gradually rising. New Yorkers seem […]
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    Moving is never easy as it requires us to make a lot of decisions and we never know what the future has in store for us. Choosing Brooklyn for living is a perfect choice since there are many benefits of […]
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    Brooklyn is a great borough to live in NYC. Some neighborhoods here are more price-friendly than others, of course. While there is a trend of rising prices when it comes to renting, some neighborhoods are affordable and have a lot […]
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    New York has five boroughs. That’s Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island with many neighborhoods to choose from. Every borough has its distinctive features you can easily explore. Brooklyn is the hippiest place in New York. Although some might […]
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    Brooklyn is one of the five NYC boroughs that has a lot to offer. If you are thinking about relocating here it good to know what are the benefits of living in Brooklyn. It is safe to say that Brooklynites […]
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    Getting an apartment, especially in bigger cities, can be pretty complicated whether you are looking for one for the first time or have prior experience on the subject. If it’s just you, your boyfriend, or even a roommate, you’re most […]
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    Where we live has a huge impact on how we feel. If we live in a small, cramped apartment with a roommate, chances are we are not happy and in a good mood. Living in an unnecessarily large apartment and […]
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    Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs in NYC and is separated from Manhattan by the East River while borders with the Upper New York Bay and the Lower New York Bay, Queens, and the Atlantic Ocean. Brooklyn is a […]
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    We must state that Brooklyn is one of the most famous and most populated areas in NYC. Its popularity keeps rising, especially since every neighborhood is unique and possesses its own distinctive features. Read the following text if you are […]
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    Although Brooklyn is a trendy borough of New York City, it might be hard for you to distinguish which neighborhood would be best. The right choice depends on multiple criteria, including the size of your family, type of the apartment, […]